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Revenge episode guide Season 2

Revenge episode guide Season 2

After more then 3 (hard) months of abstinence from my favorite TV show, finally Revenge is back with new episodes :-). It was a great start and I am all prepared with my new complete Revenge episode guide for Season 2 along with some of the most interesting videos and info.

For details about the previous season, click here for my complete Season 1 Guide.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 21&22 (finale) – THE TRUTH – (aired on May 12, 2013)

Summary: Finally! After the whole year of sensational intrigue and exciting drama, season 2 finale has arrived. It was all we could ever wished for. Thrilling action, emotional death, shocking revelations and cliffhangers! So, let’s get started. Previous episode ended with a total New York blackout caused by Aiden who accidentally triggered Carrion when he was hacking into Grayson Global account. Emily and Nolan are shocked when they realize the Initiative succeeded with their plans and that the Falcon set Aiden up by placing a trigger code into his password. They decide to ask Takeda for help, only to realize that he is dead and that Aiden killed him. The bigger shock however is when Emily and Nolan come to Takeda’s house, they discover he had a revenge plan of his own – his fiancee was on the Flight 197! Is there anybody on Revenge without a vengance plan of their own? Guess not! On the other side of the Hamptons, Conrad is being very busy. As he is celebrating his election victory, he decides to blow up Grayson Global in the fake terrorist attack and at the same time setting up the blame to David Clarke’s followers. His shocking plan is very quickly explained when we finally discover the truth about the Initiative. Conrad Grayson IS THE BIG BOSS of the Initiative. He is the ultimate bad guy who will stand to profit in billions from the disaster recoveries and he was recruited personally by Helen Crowly. OMG! Conrad’s plan to set off a bomb inside Grayson Global will prove to be fatal for one of the main characters. More big news – Charlotte is pregnant and Declan is the father (not sure what to think about that). Regina, who is secretly in love with Charlotte, turns her against Declan and at the same time Victoria tells Declan about the fact he is going to be the father but that he is not welcome in the Grayson Manor. This unfortunate series of events puts Declan on his way to Grayson Global building. At the same time, Jack is still trying to get his true revenge on Conrad who realizes that Jack has become a real threat to him. So, Connie dearest hacks into Ashley’s phone and sends Jack a message that Fauxamanda’s missing laptop is in the Grayson Global building. As two Porter brothers are heading towards the building which is just about to explode, Emily realizes that Jack is in mortal danger and rushes over to save him. Unfortunately, she is late and there is a big explosion. We discover that Declan is seriously hurt and Jack is alive and well. Declan dies in the hospital, leaving Charlotte with a new revenge wish and setting of Jack to go find Conrad and kill him once and for all. In the mean time, Emily realizes that Aiden has gone wild and that he is being held responsible for the terrorist attack on New York. But in the shocking twist of events, police discovers Padma’s pre-death video in which she reveals that Nolan is the terrorist and has created Carrion and that he has history with David Clarke. So, Nolan is arrested and Emily will have to come up with a hell of a plan to rescue him now! While Jack is coming to Conrad’s election party to kill him, Emily rushes to stop him and when she comes there, she sees that the only way to do that is to tell the truth about her true identity. And she does! Yes fans, she finally admits to Jack that she is real Amanda Clarke and the consequences of this revelation are yet to be seen! And for the two closing cliffhangers – Patrick, Victoria’s long lost son, shows up at her door and Daniel and Aiden have an explosive encounter resulting in Daniel coming to Conrad’s party covered in blood!

Revenge episode guide special rating: it was a great season finale leaving us with a pain of knowledge that we will have to wait until September for the new episodes! And we think if somebody had to die, Declan was the right choice!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 20 – ENGAGEMENT – (aired on May 05, 2013)

Summary: With only one week left until the explosive two-hour season finale, things are really heating up in the Hamptons. This episode was all about setting events before the big finish and again as many times before, it was drama packed episode featuring one unexpected death. So, our happy couple is back! (Since there is not so many happy couples on Revenge, just to be clear, we are talking about Emily and Daniel :-)). After Aiden officially approved their re-engagement, Daniel dusted the “old” diamond ring and put it back to Emily’s hand. She organizes a romantic dinner for Daniel and announces her wishes to live happily ever after in Paris. Our poor Daniel is thrilled but something tells us he will not live to see this day :-). They come to the Grayson Manor to announce all their plans and while Conrad congratulates them, Victoria is about as happy as Aiden was. When Emily throws an engagement party at her house, Victoria puts her cards on the table saying she knows Emily is not in love with Daniel and that she will do everything to stop this marriage. Deja vu anyone :-)? Let’s get back to the one more person who’s not happy with the newly announced engagement and that’s Jack Porter. In his free time between being depressed, angry and moody, he is still trying to take Conrad down. His new ally Ashley gives him the photos of Conrad and Governor’s wife Allison and sends him to talk to Victoria with whom he now shares two passions. Hate towards Conrad and Emily’s engagement. Victoria of course sees in Jack the opportunity to break Emily and Daniel and with the photos she got from Jack, she goes to Allison to blackmail her. She tapes their conversation and leaks it to the public and that’s the end of the Governor Stoddard leaving Conrad only one step from his election victory. In the mean time, Jack confronts Emily about Daniel and once again Emily misses the chance to tell the truth and stays on her path of revenge! Let’s get back to our favorite nerd Nolan Ross who used the last episode to put an orange suit on the sexy lady hacker called Edith Lee a.k.a The Falcon :-). Back in prison, Edith shows that she knows too much about NolCorp to serve her time but when Nolan comes to her to find info about Victoria’s long lost son, he also learns that Edith holds the trigger to set off the Carrion project which makes her very valuable to both the Initiative and Nemily team. In the mean time, Aiden seems to change his mind faster then teenagers, so now he wants to protect Emily and ruin her plan for revenge knowing that it will not end well for Emily. He tries to convince Nolan to stop Emily together putting Nolan in a position where he has to choose between loyalty and concern for Emily’s safety. But Aiden has one more obstacle and that’s Takeda. Takeda wants to stop Aiden and they end up in an epic sword fight where the teacher will learn that his student has learned a few new tricks and Aiden ends up killing Takeda! After that, Aiden hacks into Grayson Global accounts which somehow triggers the Carrion project leaving the whole Manhattan in the dark and all of us to wait for the next week’s finale! Oh yes, just a few words about the lost sister – Charlotte. She and her new girl gone wild friend Regina are hitting the clubs hard and Charlotte gets herself arrested. While bailing her out of the prison, Daniel finds out that Charlotte is in fact pregnant!

Revenge episode guide special rating: apart for this episode being action packed and thrilling, I’m a little bit worried that the writers are setting the stage for Nolan’s and Aiden’s betrayal in the finale. I hope this will not happen!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 19 – IDENTITY – (aired on April 28, 2013)

Summary: After long, long three hard weeks without Revenge, finally, the new episode is here! My dear fans, as season 2 finale gets closer, things are getting really interesting and thrilling in the Hamptons (and also very hard to watch for all Emily-Aiden fans!). So, let’s get started. Our dear Emily is in the middle of the turbulent love triangle. Again! Her fauxromance with Daniel is getting serious as he concludes that he was happiest when he was engaged with Emily (he obviously forgot that it didn’t end well :-)). So, be prepared for the return of the ring! At the same time, Emily is conflicted because of her feelings for Aiden and she doesn’t want to hurt him, but they both decide that getting engaged to Daniel is the ultimate step for getting the final revenge on Graysons. In the mean time, Emily has bigger problems to worry about and that’s the situation of her beloved friend and ally Nolan Ross. Nolan manages to get out of the prison where he ended up being questioned in connection to Padma’s murder. Emily thinks that the best way for Nolan to get better is for him to get his revenge on The Falcon. So, be prepared for the computer geniuses showdown! Nolan sends to the Falcon the gamer challenge and these two meet in the Teddy’s Arcade where we learn that the Falcon is actually one very sexy and tough lady. She can be sexy as much as she wants, but Nolan kicked her ass in the game and in the process managed to hack her computer and got access to all the data he and Emily wanted! Yeah for Nolan, this episode was finally a little bit more about him. And if you’re wondering what’s up with Jack, business as usual. He is still angry, he still hates all of his former friends and he is still trying to get revenge on Graysons with some questionable moves. The thing that worries us is that he is spending to much time with Ashley who manages to get the pictures of Conrad getting naughty with the Governor’s wife. But instead of giving them to Jack to bring Conrad down, she uses them to get her old job back. Ah, why we are not surprised! And in the mean time our dear Conrad is preparing for his live interview with Victoria at the Nightline and as you could have guessed as all live interviews from the Grayson Manor this turns to be a disaster as well. Because Emily found out from the Falcon’s files that Victoria did gave a birth to her first child and she tips of to Nightline. They confront Victoria with this live on TV and while Conrad is shocked, Victoria leaves in panic. And yes, did we mention that during this very same live interview Daniel and Emily’s engagement were announced? Emily can say goodbye to Jack as her friend that’s for sure. And ending with the big surprise – Victoria turns to Nolan for help in finding her long lost son Patrick and in return she offers to help him get back the control over NolCorp! And just to mention this whole Declan – Charlotte story which is still so boring. Charlotte seems to get in trouble with some bad friends causing Declan some tears. Again.

Revenge episode guide special rating: this episode was the perfect preparation for the upcoming season finale! It seems that we are in for some big surprises. If only writers could end up with something interesting for Charlotte and Declan!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 18 – MASQUERADE – (aired on March 31, 2013)

Summary: It was another great Sunday for all of us Revenge fans :-). This episode brought more drama, more deaths and more secrets to all of us. Let me begin from the start. Unfortunately, our beloved Nolan is in much trouble and emotional pain. As all the Hamptons are preparing for another ultra fabulous Masquerade ball by Victoria Grayson, Nolan is desperately trying to hack the code created by the Falcon in order to save Padma and the Carrion project. As you remember from the previous episode, Padma has been kidnapped by the Initiative after she handed them the Carrion project in order to save her father and after Aiden and Nolan failed to protect her. Nolan has spent last few weeks in emotional pain because he is getting no closer to the solution. Emily and Aiden are feeling guilty about his situation and want to help Nolan so Aiden locates Trask from the Initiative and forces him to bring them to Padma. Unfortunately, when they arrive to the location, we see that Padma is dead and that fact leads to Aiden making Trask also dead! So, two more deaths on Revenge tonight! After Ems and Aiden break the bad news to Nolan, he has a true emotional breakdown following by a true emotional Ems and Nolan moment! But new trouble is ahead. Now that Padma is dead, the police is suspecting Nolan who refuses to talk. On the other hand, if you expected some interesting storyline for Declan and Charlotte, you are wrong again. But Jack Porter is still furious on everybody, including his friends, and determined to get his revenge on Conrad. The new plan is that Jack will help Conrad in his campaign for the governor and give him advice what “little people” want. Jack is working with Ashley and slips a promise that Conrad will re-open David Clarke’s case which makes Conrad furious on Ashley. And now to the Masquerade ball. Victoria is throwing another elite party where among other things she plans to introduce Daniel as the most eligible bachelor and put an end to his relationship with Emily. But now that Daniel knows that threat to Emily’s life didn’t come from the Initiative, he happily reunites with Emily on the ball and their dance appears in all the major press. Of course, this makes not only Victoria furious but also our dear Aiden. But this is not the only shock for Victoria on the Masquerade ball. She received RSVP for her ball from her long lost first born son! And as you could have guessed, this was a work of our dear Emily :-). Victoria is in shock, especially when she receives a second letter stating that her son will come to the ball wearing a red rose and later on Victoria is convinced that her son is present on the ball and she faints. Conrad is furious when he learns the truth but Victoria is claiming that she had an abortion and we flashback to the past to learn that Victoria had been abused by her mother’s boyfriend when she was 16. Back to the present where Victoria visits the church where we discover she did gave a birth to a son which she gave to a nun for adoption and of course Emily is following her! Will she discover the baby’s identity? Remains to be seen!

Revenge episode guide special rating: in short – another fabulous episode!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 17 – VICTORY – (aired on March 24, 2013)

Summary: This way yet another exciting, full of drama and secrets episode for all the Revenge fans :-). Be prepared to get some more action and shocking revelations in this summary. So, Eli James, Emily’s ex foster brother is still here in the Hamptons and he has his own agenda and revenge to play out. As a co-chair of Amanda Clarke’s foundation, he is spending a lot of time with Victoria Grayson and manages to convince her that it would be great if a first project of foundation was his ex foster mother’s (Meredith Hayward) orphanage! Then we flashback to the past and discover all about the abusive foster parents of Eli and Emily and how they punished them by locking them up in the basement “bin”. Now we see why somebody would have wanted that house burnt down and why Eli wants revenge. He and Emily go and visit Meredith who is of course very excited to be included in the foundation and receive a big fat check. Eli then organizes a big press conference in the Stowaway in order to announce the first Amanda Clarke’s foundation check and donation to Meredith and orphanage. In the shocking twist of events, Eli then tells to everybody all about Meredith’s abuse in front of the whole press and lines up other orphans to witness that. But Eli will not get the pleasure to enjoy his revenge completely because Meredith then announces to everybody that it was Eli who burnt down the house and sent Emily to juvenile detention instead of him. Emily is shocked and Eli wants to make up to her by forcing Meredith to reveal where David Clarke’s secret letters are and to bring them to Emily. Eli discovers that the trail to hidden David Clarke’s letters leads to Mason Treadwell in prison but Emily is to late since Mason already burnt them into ashes. But Mason reveals a shocking secret to Emily which he found in the letters – Victoria had a child in her teenage days whom he put up for an adoption! So, it seems that Daniel is not her first born and that we will see much more of this newly discovered son! Daniel, not aware of this fact, is still fighting with his depression and self pity and turns to Emily but their past relationship suddenly puts Emily in danger when the Initiative sends her a picture of Daniel and Emily having lunch and Emily is crossed over! Ok, so this will be interesting. Jack is still going around with a strong anger and revenge desire and he manages to convince Kenny to provide him with evidence of Nate’s and Conrad’s dealings which could implicate Conrad in Amanda’s murder! In the meantime, our dear Nolan and Aiden are joining forces to help Padma save her father from the Initiative’s hands. Padma arranges to meet the Initiative and hand them over the Carrion project and in return they will let her father loose. Aiden and Nolan are coming to the rescue with some fancy snipers but things don’t go as planned when Padma gets captured, Carrion is in the hands of the Initiative and Nolan is desperate to save Padma whom he apparently now loves very much. How will this end? Remains to be seen in the next episode :-)

Revenge episode guide special rating: as soon as I think we will have a little break from more shocking twists and secrets, Revenge writers surprise me :-). Now I’m very curious to see what will happen with this newly discovered Victoria’s long lost son.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 16 – ILLUMINATION – (aired on March 17, 2013)

Summary: My dear Revenge fans, if I had to summarize this episode in one sentence, I would say: new drama, new characters, new shocks and new danger for our dear Emily :-). We are now already used to the constant action and new developments in this show, and this episode was no different. After Amanda’s death, Emily is now more determinant then ever to get back at Graysons but also to win back Jack’s love. Unfortunately, the shocking appearance of Eli James, former Amanda’s foster brother, puts her again in danger. Graysons are trying to score some political points by starting a special foundation in Amanda’s name and when they throw one of their infamous parties, Eli James is of course invited and there he meets Emily! Yes, you can say OMG! Because, it’s obvious that Eli recognizes Emily as the real Amanda and we see some flashbacks to the past where Emily burnt down the house of her foster parents! Emily offers Eli money in return for his silence and he agrees not to reveal her secret. But as the episode continues, it becomes obvious that Eli has some kind of his own agenda as he gives all the money that Emily gave him to the new Amanda’s charity in return to become one of the board members. So, Eli is the new Victoria’s favorite and I’m excited to see where will this story lead and how will Emily handle this new problem. On the other side of the Hamptons, our dear Daniel is in emotional pain. He feels alone and betrayed and on top of all that, the Initiative is asking for his help to take down the power in Manhattan. While he is drowning his sorrow in the bar, Aiden comes to the rescue and prevents him from entering the fight with one of his business rivals. After that Aiden discovers from Conrad that the new charity is just a new plan of the Graysons to hide money from the authority and Daniel comes to Emily to seek comfort and emotion and confesses to her all of the Graysons Global secrets. Emily then tries to ruin the new charity with Nolan’s Carrion only to discover that the hacker named “The Falcon” is protecting it. And now to Jack – he is on the loose, hurting and contemplating how to get his revenge. In his rage he is cold to Emily and also crashes the Graysons party to insult all the guest including his friend Nolan and it looks like this will not end well. And not to forget the most boring story of the show – Charlotte is falling for the new guy – Eli James, making Declan jealous, but do we really care?

Revenge episode guide special rating: again drama and action packed episode making us wonder what else the writes will come up with! It will be interesting to see who will be Emily’s true love – Jack, Aiden or maybe even Daniel?

SEASON 2, EPISODE 15 – RETRIBUTION – (aired on March 10, 2013)

Summary: My dear fans, please be prepared to see Emily back with a vengeance as she first came to Hamptons in the Season 1 :-). And I officially declare Revenge to be the most interesting and action packed TV show now on air. So, after Amanda died in her arms at the end of the previous episode, Emily is heartbroken and all of her strongest revengy feelings are brought back to the surface. She is now more determined then ever to get her revenge against the Graysons and to fulfill her original plan. And we are glad for that :-). Emily comes to the hospital to break the news about Amanda’s death to Jack (who of course survived) and he is also heartbroken. But in his pain and madness, he accidentally discovers the truth about Amanda. That she blackmailed Conrad with Emily’s laptop and that Amanda and Emily had some kind of special connection and their own agenda. Jack becomes really angry and thinks that Conrad and Graysons have to pay for everything. On the other hand, Emily sends Aiden to steal laptop from Jack in order to keep him from finding the real truth about Emily and everything. Jack thinks that Conrad is behind it and his desire for revenge only becomes stronger. Maybe he will start to play some serious role after all, and not like his brother Declan whose only role again seems to be keeping up with Charlotte and her loving feelings for baby Carl. In the mean time, in the Grayson Global Daniel is still oblivious as ever to the real truth but Aiden comes to him and asks for a seat on the Board. They make a deal about it after Daniel realizes the real truth about the Grayson Global & Initiative connection and decides to stop Nolan from handing down the Carrion project to the Initiative. Padma is still worried that the Initiative will kill her father and Nolan wants to help her by finishing the Carrion and giving it up to them, which of course would prove to be disastrous for New York. Our dear Conrad and Victoria are trying to convince the Initiative that Nate Ryan killed Helen and not Victoria and once again they succeed. And don’t worry, our dear Conrad is still running for the governor. And for the final shock – at Amanda’s funeral, we see that Emily is setting her eyes on Charlotte as her next object of revenge, only to discover that the funeral has a new attendee. It’s Eli James, real Amanda’s former foster brother! Will he realize the truth and recognize Emily? Well, we’ll have to wait for the next Sunday for that :-)

Revenge episode guide special rating: this was rather emotional episode but boy are we glad to see Emily back to her revengy roots :-). This show is so packed with action, twists and turns then you really have to stay tuned every second of it

SEASON 2, EPISODE 14 – SACRIFICE – (aired on February 17, 2013)

Summary: At the very beginning, let me just say – OMG! This episode again featured a shocking death and a lot of action. Our favorite TV show is really not afraid to kill off their characters :-) and I have to say it’s hard to find any other show on air these days that has more twists, turns and action! So, our newly weds Jack and Amanda are sailing happily on their honeymoon, only to discover that Montauk mafia a.k.a. Nate Ryan is on board as the third passenger on their boat. Of course, Nate is not there to wish them all the best but to kill them both. Before the killing, Nate wants Jack to give his half of the Stowaway to Conrad Grayson. As Amanda and Jack are desperately trying to find a way out, Emily discovers by accident that Nate has gone to kill Jack and Amanda. Our dear Emily immediately sets off to the rescue and asks Nolan for help in locating the boat. In the mean time, Victoria has to think of a way to get rid of Helen from the Initiative (if you don’t remember, she killed Helen in the last episode) while Daniel finally realized just how evil the Initiative is. And how do the Graysons deal with all the problems? As ever in total style! Conrad has decided to run for a governor and he announces to the media his campaign with his beloved wife Victoria and children by his side. And Victoria has framed Amanda for the murder of Helen! Isn’t that just nice. As you know, Emily is not with Daniel anymore but back with Aiden who finally decided to stand by her side in her revengy plans. But Aiden wants to use Padma to get to the Initiative because Padma is also being blackmailed by them. Neither Nolan nor Emily like this plan so we will see will Aiden go rogue again. Charlotte and Declan are still taking care of baby Carl and their story is still boring as ever. We hope for some progress there! At the end of the episode, we are brought back to the boat where Jack and Amanda are fighting for their lives, but this time with Emily’s help who managed to find them and come to the rescue. Jack takes the raft and almost gets away, only to be shot and left to float in the middle of the ocean! Luckily Nolan finds him and there is some chance Jack will live. But at the same time, while Emily is fighting with Nate, the boat explodes and at the very end we see Amanda dying in Emily’s arms!

Revenge episode guide special rating: I suspected that Amanda would not live to see the end of the season 2, but still, this was rather shocking. I hope Jack lives! This TV show is so interesting, it’s hard to wait for another week. If only they could find something interesting for Charlotte and Declan to do.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 13 – UNION – (aired on February 10, 2013)

Summary: it was long and hard 2 weeks without our favorite TV show, but the good news is – Revenge is back action packed and full of twists as ever :-). Sometimes it’s hard to believe how they fit everything into one episode over and over again! So, this episode featured one emotional wedding and one shocking death! Ok, so finally Jack and Amanda are having their cute beach wedding with Nolan as the master of the ceremony. Are we happy? Not really. (although Jack finally did something with his hair :-)). During the wedding, our dearest Emily is having emotional flashbacks to the time when she and Jack were kids and having their fake wedding on the beach with her dad present. But she remains strong and waves to Amanda and Jack as they sail off to their honeymoon! Once again I feel so sorry for Emily because we see how her character is complexed and how hurt she was. On the other hand, Amanda showed she will do anything for Jack and their love as she blackmailed Conrad through stolen Emily’s laptop into giving Jack back his share of the Stowaway. Why is this important? Because our dearest Conrad has big plans with turning the docks into mini Las Vegas! And it seems that Nate Ryan will ruin the honeymoon for Jack and Amanda because of that. In the mean time, Victoria is still worried about Daniel and the Initiative and decides to reveal to Daniel all about Grayson’s and Initiative’s involvement into framing David Clarke. Daniel is crushed and breaks up things with Emily! But Helen comes to warn Victoria to stay away or they will kill Daniel. And guess what? Victoria picks up a gun and kills Helen in cold blood. Yeap, that’s our Victoria! But something tells me this will not be the end of the Initiative’s plan to black out New York through Grayson Global. We discover that Padma is being blackmailed by the Initiative to spy on Nolan and that Nolan will give her a second chance because of that. On the other side, there is a real drama going on. Aiden discovers (with Nolan’s help) that his sister really died 6 years ago and that the Initiative lied to him all along. He is devastated and breaks up with Emily who takes this pretty hard. But luckily for us at the end Aiden realizes that he is wrong and that he wants to be with Emily and join her revenge against the Initiative. Thank God! Charlotte and Declan are getting closer but they are sooo boring!

Revenge episode guide special rating: I love when Emily shows emotions but it was hard to watch her dream wedding with Jack on the beach when they were kids and when Aiden left her! It was a great episode. Since I’m personally more Aiden-Emily fan, I say yeah for this episode :-)

SEASON 2, EPISODE 12 – COLLUSION – (aired on January 20, 2013)

Summary: After the previous episode which was a little bit slower then we have been used to this season, tonight’s episode made my head spin from all the shocking events, backstabbing and twists! Again, if you are an Emily – Aiden fan, this episode will be even harder for you to watch then the one last week! Because there will be a lot of scenes with Daniel looking sexy and showing his six packs to Emily, who will appear to really enjoy her fauxmance. There will even be some sexy bedroom scenes :-). And you can already guess that all this will turn Aiden ballistic with Emily starting to suspect whether Aiden will be able to follow her plan until the end. Following the previous episode, Daniel and Emily joined forces to ensure that Grayson Global buys Stonehaven and beats Jason Prosser in this deal. Victoria continues with her attempt to sabotage Daniel and informs Jason about Daniel’s plan, not knowing that Emily has betrayed their deal (yeap, it’s officially impossible to have a Revenge episode without some kind of double crossing :-)). At the same time, Aiden manages to convince Jason to back out of the bidding war for Stonehaven, but soon Aiden will go totally crazy, not only because of Emily and Daniel, but also because he is desperately trying to find his lost sister. Helen and the Initiative make a shocking proposal to Aiden – if he wants his sister back, he must kill Victoria Grayson! And Aiden says yes! Luckily, Emily will discover this plan and manage to stop Aiden, but in a shocking twist of events, the Initiative kills Aiden’s sister out of revenge! Of course, I assume this will mean a lot of crazy behavior for Aiden in the next episodes. As far as Stonehaven is concerned, Emily finds some dirt on Jason, and Daniel wins and buys Stonehaven. Now Victoria knows that Emily betrayed her and say bye-bye to all this loving Emily – Victoria co-operation :-). On the other hand, our poor Nolan will finally discover that Padma is an evil fraud and that she is after a Carrion, Nolan’s special computer program which obviously means a great deal to the Initiative! Back to still most boring storyline of Revenge – the Porter brothers. Jack is finally out of the prison, thanks to Conrad, but has a high price to pay for that. Conrad wants Jack to pin the murder to Matt Duncan and Declan has to finally admit some nasty things to Jack. Charlotte is so disgusted with Conrad that she decides to officially change her last name from Grayson to Clarke! So, there are a lot of questions to be answered in the next episode. Just to say my dear fans that we will have to wait until 10th February for it :-(

Revenge episode guide special rating: Now I’m really puzzled where will this Emily – Daniel – Aiden triangle lead and how will this end! But I’m loving it. This was maybe the most exciting episode this season, but I’m still wondering where is the point in the Porter brother’s story!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 11 – SABOTAGE – (aired on January 13, 2013)

Summary: The second Revenge episode in this year was maybe not so exciting and surprising as the previous one, but still, there was plenty of plotting and backstabbing action going around, especially from our favorite women Emily and Victoria :-)! If you are an Emily – Aiden fan, this episode will be hard for you to watch! Because, let’s face it, now that Daniel and Emily are back together, their romance doesn’t feel fake at all! They look so good together! I felt sorry for Aiden, because he seems to be really hurting, but he still believes in Emily’s plan and is on board with it. On the other hand, Victoria and Emily seem to be working quite well together :-). As Daniel is trying to be the big boss of Grayson Global, he gets in cahoots with Helen from the Initiative and they ask him to buy some shady company called Stonehaven. Emily informs Victoria about his plan and these two decide to do a little backstabbing  and sabotage Daniel’s plan. Of course, the place for this sabotage will be another Hamptons gala event, aka Emily’s wine charity event :-). While Daniel is having a bidding war over a wine with Jason Prosser (Conrad’s frenemy) and wins it for million dollars (yeap – Daniel just paid million bucks for a wine), Victoria and Emily recruit Jason to help them bring Daniel down and sabotage his plan for Stonehaven. In the mean time, Aiden is still processing the shocking news that his sister Colleen might be alive and he joins forces with Helen from the Initiative to get help in finding her. But of course, nothing good comes out of working with the Initiative and Aiden and Helen end up being gassed in the elevator. But dear fans, do not worry, we quickly find out that this too is only a genious Emily – Aiden plan where Emily takes a role of a Darth Vader and Aiden comes out as a life saver for Helen which should make her believe in Aiden’s true intentions! And back to our favorite Hamptons genius – Nolan. He is having a hard time with his ex Marco trying to sabotage his relationship with Padma and on the other hand with Daniel trying to steel some of his long lost patents from NolanCorp. And if you are still thinking whether to like Padma or Marco, this episode will help you decide! We discover that Padma is an evil Initiative’s pawn and our poor Nolan should really watch his back! And now a special return from the dead! Remember Ashley? Well, she is back with the plan and she is blackmailing Conrad to get her old job back. I’m still very curious to see what role will Ashley have in the future. And at the end, let’s mention the most boring story on the Revenge – the Porter brothers. With Jack in jail because the Ryan brothers framed him, Amanda seeks Charlotte’s help to go to Conrad and ask him to get Jack out of the prison. At first, Conrad refuses, but as he is planning to run for a public office, finally he decides to help Jack for the sake of his public image (yeah, Conrad really likes to help people out :-))

Revenge episode guide special rating: We are still trying to decide whether we love or hate this whole new Daniel-Emily-Aiden triangle, or better said, for whom do we really want to be together! And for such a perfect, amazing TV show as Revenge is, please fix this Porter brothers story. And Declan’s hair!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 10 – POWER – (aired on January 6, 2013)

Summary: Finally dear fans! After 4 weeks of break, with the new year we got a new Revenge episode :-). And boy was this a great episode, a return to all the best things that we love about this TV show (if we forget about the oh so boooring Jack-Declan-Stowaway storyline)! Big news – Victoria and Emily are finally on the same side and working together! Surprised? But don’t worry, it’s not like they suddenly like each other. Victoria is worried about Daniel taking over Grayson Global and that the Initiative will hurt him because of that. (Conrad is of course less worried for Daniel and more for himself). That’s why she asks Emily to get back with Daniel and influence him to deal less with Grayson Global. Because Victoria really believes Daniel still loves Emily. Emily agrees and later on she and Aiden have a fake fight and a break up in front of Daniel and Conrad! Yeah ladies, Aiden will have to put up with Emily and Daniel being together once again, to serve Emily’s plan. This episode features the return of Judge Barnes with his wife Patricia where we learn that he had something to do with framing up David Clarke! During the big charity event in the Graysons Manner, Emily will plot to get revenge on Judge Barnes through his wife Patricia, who is not only being abused by her husband, but also has a key to bringing the Judge down! And once again, Emily will have her revenge and we will see the return of the red X over the pictures of her enemies :-). Beside the Judge Barnes takedown, Emily will take care of one more plan. During the gala, she will get close to Daniel who will admit he still has feelings for her and they kiss! (while Aiden is watching, not to happy). At the same time, Aiden comes in contact with Helen from the Initiative and learns a shocking news that his sister Colleen could still be alive! On the other side of the Hamptons, Jack and Declan are trying to deal with Ryan brothers and stop them from dealing drugs from the Stowaway. Declan calls the police to send the Ryan brothers to jail, but instead they frame Amanda with the drugs and the gun, so Jack takes over the guilt and ends up in jail!

Revenge episode guide special rating: When I saw Emily was back with her red sharpie and crossing with X her enemies, boy was I happy :-). Great episode, maybe exactly what Revenge needed this season. And I have to admit, this whole Daniel-Emily-Aiden triangle looks pretty damn exciting. The only thing is – please either do something with the Porter brothers story or just send them away! Boooring!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 9 – REVELATIONS – (aired on December 2, 2012)

Summary: after two and a half exciting months, this was Revenge mid-season finale after which we will have to wait some time till the next revengelicious episodes! And as expected, this episode was superb! Action packed until the end with some important revelations and twists. This time the center of the storm was not Emily, who is enjoying her relationship with Aiden, but it’s more about Daniel, Nolan and Porters. Baby Carl is being christened, everybody is there and finally Jack discovers that Ryan brothers are bad guys and could be seeking revenge for their father’s death. Matt Duncan admits to Jack that he killed Joe Ryan only to be beaten up by the Ryan brothers and Jack finds himself in a difficult position when he finds the gun on his boat. At the same time, Daniel and Conrad are fighting for the board seats at Grayson Global, with Emily and Aiden trying to ensure that Daniel wins. Conrad and Victoria realize that if Daniel wins, the Initiative will take him down so they join forces in order to give the seat to Conrad. During this power struggle, Ashley’s affair with Conrad is revealed (of course, there is a sex tape :-)) and she is being dumped by both Daniel and Victoria. Daniel is ready to do whatever it takes to win and he finds Marco, former Nolan’s lover and NolCorp CFO to help. Marco hates Nolan now and by threatening him to reveal Amanda Clarke – NolCorp relationship, he forces Nolan to give up 51% of his company to Daniel/Grayson Global ensuring Daniel’s victory who then informs Aiden that there is no room for him on the board of Grayson Global. Emily is wondering whether she could be happy without all these revenge and the episode ends with the Initiative watching Daniel and Victoria calling Emily for help.

Revenge episode guide special rating: first of all I’m so sad that we will have to wait one month before we see new episodes! But it was a great one, worthy of the mid-season finale. Finally the whole Porter brothers story started to make some sense, and I loved seeing Emily and Aiden happy together :-)

SEASON 2, EPISODE 8 – LINEAGE – (aired on November 25, 2012)

Summary: it’s time for another trip down the memory lane! This was a flashback episode in which Revenge gave to Thanksgiving a whole new meaning :-). We start by seeing Emily in 2006 disguised as a prostitute on her first mission for Takeda and planning her first steps of revenge against Graysons. Emily has to take down Dimitri, who is guilty of sex trafficking, and we discover that Ashley was a hooker there and this is how these two met! During her mission, Emily runs into Aiden who is trying to rescue his sister and they become allies. So, now we know how they met, and I have to say, even then there were sparkles all over the place :-). Back to the present where Graysons are having their Thanksgiving only to have a surprise visitor – Victoria’s mother Marion. That triggers another flashback where we see young Victoria being betrayed by her evil mother who pushed Victoria into shooting her husband and taking the blame only to realize that Victoria was molested by him of which her mother doesn’t care! Ok, now I’m kind of feeling sorry for Victoria! But she gets her revenge on her mother during the Thanksgiving dinner in the present and Marion will leave Grayson manner without money, dignity and her new husband! Back to the past – we discover that Carl Porter is not such an innocent man after all and that he was involved in some shady business. This is the reason why Jack and Declan could lose Stowaway now (writers please give to Jack and Declan some meaning please!). And in the final flashback we see Nolan celebrating his company’s success with his cute boyfriend Marco (who is also his CFO), only to lose him because of the truth about Emily’s share in the company!

Revenge episode guide special rating: I loved this episode and it feels like everything is set up for a big bang mid season finale! Revenge writers really do an amazing job with the characters and I think we all kind of feel sorry for Victoria now. And finally I start to see some sense in the Ashley character which unfortunately I can’t say for Declan and Jack. They are so boooring!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 7 – PENANCE – (aired on November 11, 2012)

Summary: this was “Revenge” at its best! An exciting episode, full of unexpected events, leaving you to wish that 45 min last at least 2 hours! After Mason Treadwell discovers some secrets from Amanda and Emily’s past, he concludes these two were lovers and goes to Emily to confront her with that. She calls Amanda to set up a plan how to keep Mason under control, but Amanda is afraid that she will lose her chance of happiness with Jack and the baby and she plans to kill Mason instead. Emily manages to stop her and reveals to Mason the real truth – that her real identity is Amanda Clarke! At the same time, Daniel is plotting to take over Grayson Global with the help of Aiden and Nolan. Nolan realizes that he can save Emily once again if he gave to Daniel a check that David Clarke originally invested in NolCorp. At the investors’ meeting, Daniel succeeds and takes over the control of the company, leaving Conrad shocked and helpless puppet in Initiative’s hands. Victoria is trying to come up with the plan that can beat Initiative. In the mean time, Kara decides to leave Hamptons, but when Mason tells her how Graysons framed David, she goes to the Manor to kill both Conrad and Victoria. In the last seconds, Aiden comes to the Manor and saves them, while Kara learns that White-Haired-Man (her ex-lover) killed David! While Mason plans how to ruin Emily and writes another book, she manages to plant key evidence in his house that he killed White Haired Man and calls the Feds. They arrest Mason and Emily comes to jail to make a deal with him. He will confess the crime he didn’t commit and write the book about David, and she will free him when the time comes! Once again, Emily has the final victory and she goes to celebrate – by kissing Aiden :-)

Revenge episode guide special rating: what a great and exciting episode this was! I really enjoyed all the twists and turns and the fact Emily once again succeeded in her plans and that Nolan helped her. And finally, we see Emily and Aiden kiss :-)

SEASON 2, EPISODE 6 – ILLUSION – (aired on November 4, 2012)

Summary: this was very exciting and action packed episode, worth of the Revenge reputation from the Season 1! After Mason Treadwell suspected Amanda’s real identity due to the missing fire scar, Emily and Amanda managed to come up with a plan that not only convinced Mason that Amanda is really Amanda, but also led him to find White-Hair Man’s body together with clues pointing to Conrad Grayson (bravo Emily for playing out this one :-)). In the mean time, very unexpected wedding is taking place – between Victoria and Conrad! Don’t worry, they are not in love. They are doing it so they can’t testify against each other in court but Victoria has other plans. She is keeping Conrad out of the house, while Feds search his room and find evidence that put Conrad straight into jail! Conrad is being bailed out by The Initiative and the consequences of that are yet to be seen. Nolan confronts Padma about her meeting with Daniel but it looks like she doesn’t have any agenda of her own – but Nolan does! Emily shares an emotional dance with Daniel at the wedding and we see that Daniel is still not over her. Later Emily meets Aiden and they almost kiss. On the other side, Jack re-opens Stowaway and proposes to Amanda – and she says yes! Charlotte, pissed about her parents’ wedding, meets Declan and the two re-unit! Episode ends with the shocking moment of Victoria accidentally revealing some clues to Mason Treadwell who realizes that Emily is the real Amanda!

Revenge episode guide special rating: this was the best episode in this Season! Revenge and Emily like we all know and love! And the ending with Mason finding out the truth – this will be very interesting to see further!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5 – FORGIVENESS – (aired on October 28, 2012)

Summary: so, as the title would suggest, this episode is mostly about forgiveness in various forms and also about building relationships. It was great to see development with some characters, especially Emily’s, but I have to say by now I kind of miss that totally “revengy” Emily’s focus from the Season 1. As it seems now, it will get back in the next episodes! Amanda is well and she gave birth to baby Carl. Kara visits her in the hospital, and they have emotional mother-daughter conversation, which is overheard by Emily. Emily is a little heartbroken after that and realizes that after all, her mother is just a human who made mistakes in the past. In the mean time, Kara is moving in the Grayson’s manor (leaving Victoria of course with some pretty confusing emotions). Emily and Aiden drift further apart as he warns her she lost her focus and became too emotional because of her mother. We see that Padma has some kind of her own hidden agenda when she investigates Grayson’s Global and NolCorp’s dealings and Emily is suspicious about her! Will Nolan be in danger? And the biggest surprise of the episode – well, buckle your seats, because Mason Treadwell is back! And you know what? When he sees Amanda in the hospital, he realizes that Amanda can’t be real Amanda Clarke!

Revenge episode guide special rating: this was rather emotional episode and interesting at the same time. I have to say, I would really like to see Emily go back to her ultimate revenge plan and clearing her dad’s name, and I suppose this episode was a hint that she will. Is Mason going to be Emily’s downfall? This will be interesting to see. And again I have to say Charlotte & Declan story is still the weakest link.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 4 – INTUITION – (aired on October 21, 2012)

Summary: honestly, sometimes I feel like my had is spinning from all the action in only one Revenge episode :-) This one (the best in this season) starts with showing somebody’s blood on the floor of the Grayson’s manor and as we later discover, it’s Amanda’s blood! She ends up in a hospital in a comma after an accident during the baby shower Victoria organized for her. Before that, Amanda moved in with Emily after Jack kicked her out of the house. Aidan continues his pursuit of Kara Clarke but when he finally gets a hold of her, Emily’s mother proves she is too smart for him. After discovering that her mother might have been responsible for some bad things in her father’s life and also for her accident, Emily breaks down and seeks comfort with Aiden. Nolan and Padma are developing their relationship. Daniel is pretending to be on Conrad side, only to discover that Ashley is secretly working for his dad!

Revenge episode guide special rating: this was absolutely the best episode this season! So many things happening and emotions running high! I’m really interested to see this storyline with Emily’s mother! I was sad to see Emily cry like that, but I suppose it is to be expected. What’s up with this Declan story? This is the only weak link for me.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 3 – CONFIDENCE – (aired on October 14, 2012)

Summary: If you think this show could be slowing down, then you’re so wrong. In this very exciting episode, important events just kept piling up! After Emily was taken down by a White Haired Man, Aiden saves her life, but instead of being grateful, she nocks him down and leaves to die. Then we finally see more about their past and what is the reason behind the tension. And yeah, they were lovers. At the same time, Graysons are in the spotlight again and Victoria helds the press conference about her return. But not everybody is happy about that (we will say it’s Charlotte). We actually get back to that night the plane crashed and see what really happened. After Aiden killed the White Haired Man, we will discover that there was a secret relationship between him and Emily’s mother. Jack and Amanda are preparing for the baby but something tells us this will not end well.

Revenge episode guide special rating: this was yet another brilliant, full packed episode. I’m kind of amazed how the writers manage to keep up with this tension and great story while developing characters at the same time. I would like to see more Nolan and Emily scenes please :-) But I enjoyed seeing the truth about Aiden and Emily’s past – this will be interesting to see further

SEASON 2, EPISODE 2 – RESURRECTION – (aired on October 7, 2012)

Summary: In this full packed episode, important events are just keep coming! While Takeda and Aiden spy on Emily’s moves, she calls Daniel to inform him that Conrad has payed of a doctor in rehab to fix Charlotte’s test. Daniel then storms in the rehab clinic and frees Charlotte, only to find out it was to late to save her inheritance! Conrad, being the worst dad ever as always, has stole her money and invested into Grayson Global. Emily helps Charlotte and drives her to Victoria where mother and daughter are reunited, only to realize that they can’t leave without the money. Victoria blackmails Conrad while at the same time keeps helping feds to build a case against him (is it really?). Amanda admits to Emily she not sure that baby is Jack’s and they do paternity test. Emily lies for her and tells Jack the baby is his!

Revenge episode guide special rating: Ok, guys, as far as I’m concerned, Emily and Nolan are the best roommates ever :-) Love their scenes! And the episode was just great, so full of events and constant action with Emily keeping control all the time. I believe she has a good reason for covering for Amanda and the baby question… We just have to keep waiting. Although Victoria is the character you love and hate at the same time, with her and Conrad as parents, who needs hell?

SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 – DESTINY – (aired on September 30, 2012)

Summary: After shocking events in the first season’s finale, our main characters are trying to deal with consequences. Emily, although achieved some kind of revenge, has unfinished business, and after learning that her mother is in fact alive, continues to search for the truth. We see some spoilers about her mother being in a mental hospital, but nothing is really revealed. Charlotte was saved and ended up in the rehab clinic. Daniel and Ashley are a new couple on the show. But after a big reunion at the Victoria’s comemoration, we see that Daniel is not quite over Emily yet. Jack is with Amanda, but we see that he is not so happy as expected. The big news – Emily and Nolan are living together now! And of course, Victoria is not dead. Finally, we see more of Emily’s past and the new character from it is presented into the show.

Revenge episode guide special rating: I think this was a really great opening for the new Season, although maybe not quite as explosive as one could expected judging from the Season1 finale. I looooved the fact Nolan and Emily moved in together and that we are seeing some strong partnership there. Nice move ABC :-) And I really enjoyed seeing that Daniel is not really over Emily (Ashley what’s her name, come on). All in all, my addiction to this show continues!

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Revenge Season 2 finale hot spoilers – episodes 21 & 22

Revenge Season 2 finale hot spoilers – episodes 21 & 22

My dear Revenge fans, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Season 2 finale is only a few days away and it looks like it’s going to be an epic 2-hour finale with 2 episodes airing the same evening. We have gathered some hot spoilers along with the promo video at the end.

The most important spoiler is that the finale will feature an emotional and shocking death of one of the main cast members! This death will have enormous consequences on all the people and will lead to the new revenge quest. All the rumors spin around only two names – Charlotte Grayson and Aiden Mathis. It seems that this death will leave a big love behind and the question is will Emily or Declan have a broken heart!

Season 2 finale will feature a lot of it’s drama around Jack Porter who will find himself in a big danger causing Emily to come one step closer to telling the truth! Will she finally admit the whole truth remains to be seen!

Nolan Ross and his friendship with Emily will play a big role in the season finale! Their relationship will be put on the ultimate test and his alliance with Victoria will have unexpected ramifications. Some spoilers even claim that Padma will return, but one thing is for sure – Nemily will be in the center of the storm in the season finale.

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Official promo for Revenge season 2 finale episode 21 & 22 “The Truth”

Revenge Season 2 episode 20 “Engagement” hot spoilers

Revenge Season 2 episode 20 “Engagement” hot spoilers

Are you guys as excited as we are about the fact that season 2 finale is only days away :-)? It seems that this upcoming episode will be all about setting the scene for the big shocking finale. And here are some of the most important spoilers we came up with along with the promo video at the end.

So, the ring is back! Of course we are talking about Daniel and Emily. They are engaged and now it’s official for the entire world to know. As you could have guessed, at least two persons will not be very happy about it. First of them being Victoria. Rumors say she will be plotting against Emily and bring Jack Porter into the game as well.

Second is Aiden. This poor guy has really gone through some turbulent love triangle moments because of his love for Emily and it seems this will be the most difficult test for him. Promo video shows us that Aiden is loosing it. Takeda is back and he and Aiden will engage into some serious swords fighting.

Charlotte is again spending time with the wrong crowd and it seems that this girl is slowly but surly getting towards the self-destruction path. Nolan will visit the Falcon is prison and his alliance with Victoria is still on promising a very interesting finale!

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Official promo for Revenge season 2 episode 20 “Engagement”

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